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Springsure - Springsure Overlander Motel

Springsure is seen as an attractive township nestled into the foothills of the prominent Mt Zamia escarpment, with the illuminated 'Virgin Rock' on the eastern side of the range.

Springsure is a community minded town hosting a number of sporting clubs as well as general social groups. Check out local attractions such as Old Rainworth Fort which is a historical complex located 10km from Springsure. The region has an interesting history which revolves around Aboriginal and European heritage, as well as stunning scenery.

Springsure - National Parks

Springsure and the surrounding region have several unique National Parks: Minerva Hills National Park; Ka Ka Mundi, and Salvator Rosa sections of the Carnarvon National Park.Minerva Hills National Park - This small park is located just minutes outside the township. Ka Ka Mundi - Aboriginal people have close ties with this place; they believed harmful spirits lived in the caves around the Bunbuncundoo Springs but the springs had healing powers. Salvatore Rosa - Spring-fed Nogoa River and Louisa Creek wind through a broad valley beneath craggy sandstone outcrops in the Salvator Rosa Section of Carnarvon National Park.

Springsure Area Attractions:

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